Adric- EXILED… on Earth!

Adric has gone and done it again. Frankly, if he ever stopped getting himself into silly situations there would be no podcast as nearly all the content we produce or hope to produce emerges from the trouble Adric gets himself in.

This time, Adric has been exiled to Earth by The Time Lords of Gallifrey. As he explains it, it was The Doctor who was exiled and Adric only snuck onto the T.A.R.D.I.S. hoping to say “Hello.” I knew that Adric wouldn’t say anything; the best he could do would be a wave before his crippling anxiety and fear of social situations brought him to his knobby knees. I didn’t point this out because it felt like piling insult on injury.

Thus and so, The Doctor regenerated into his 3rd incarnation and was exiled to Earth with a lock on his T.A.R.D.I.S. to prevent him from leaving. Adric did what he does best- stood quietly to the side and watched what The Doctor did. I take great pride that I was able to coax the story from Adric and the resulting audio is my take on what went on to become Series 7 of Classic Doctor Who.

Here is the audio… along with dated news from when this podcast originally hit the feed…

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